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AGT Property Management – BLOG – What You Need To Know About Your Tenancy Agreements in Peterborough

When was the last time you updated your tenancy agreement in Peterborough? Is it even up to date and legal? The thing about letting laws is that they change pretty frequently. This means that clauses, regulations and the terms and conditions within your tenancy agreement need to change too. This…

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AGT Property Management – BLOG – Why Peterborough Landlords Need A Property Management Company in Peterborough

Whether you’re a new landlord, an accident landlord or a landlord of many properties but you’re just getting fed up of the hassle; we can help. As a property management company in Peterborough, we are best placed to help Peterborough landlords with the stress and hassle that can come with…

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AGT Property Management – BLOG – What The New Electrical Safety Regulations Mean For Landlords In Peterborough

As of July 2020, the government bought in new electrical safety standards for landlords and their properties. These new electrical safety standards bought in a lot of changes for all private landlords in England. In this blog post we look at what the new electrical safety regulations mean for landlords…

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