AGT Property Management – BLOG – Will One In Five Households Be Renting Next Year

Over the last several years there has been a generational change in attitude regarding buying a home and renting. Research suggests that there could be a considerable rise in homes that are available to rent. But will one in five households be renting next year? According to research in 2018,…

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AGT Property Management – BLOG – Why You Should Go Fully Managed With Your Rented Property

Landlords have lots of different reasons for becoming landlords. Whatever reason you chose to become a landlord, your rented properties need to be managed. While managing the properties yourself may look like an appealing option as it looks to save money – it might not be the best option for…

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AGT Property Management – BLOG – The Benefits Of A Giraffe 360 Virtual Property Tour

Since the beginning of the pandemic last year there has been a huge growth in virtual property tours as buyers and renters hunt for their next home online. While virtual tours grew in popularity during the pandemic, the popularity has stayed as people see the benefits of a virtual property…

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